Do You Believe In Heaven?

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I recently had a reading with a sweet, young lady.  She asked me if I believed in Heaven.  I told he I believed in the physical world and the spiritual world.  She then wanted to know what I thought about hell. I told her that I didn’t believe in such things.  She smiled and said,” Me too.”

 Growing up in the church people were always telling you what to believe.  I have always felt that a loving God would not put conditions on dying and returning to the spirit world.  That just doesn’t make sense to me.  Somehow, I feel that the real world is the hell.

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16 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Heaven?

  1. I totally agree with you, the day my grandfather died he told me there is only a veil between the physical world and the spirit world, I’ve always thought we make our own hell here in the physical world, (all you have to do is look at the horrible actions of some people to believe this) and I’m sure there is only love on the other side of the veil.

  2. I always felt this world and life we live in is hell, too. We all know “live” spelled backwards is “evil”. But if that is true and stands, and we agree we have lived previous lives and will continue to do so, does that mean we are perpetually in “hell”?

  3. I agree with you on the existence of a spiritual and material world. I tend to believe that there is an opportunity to “live” in the spiritual world and that some souls experience heaven that way. I’ve come to believe in past lives, and feel that most of us cycle between the spiritual and material realms. I don’t perceive this world as hell, but certainly see places where we make it into hell. If enough us worked together, I do believe we could create a version of heaven on earth.

  4. hey amy.
    i believe that heaven is here on earth…but most people..
    do not ‘recognize’ it.
    i do not believe in hell.. either. i believe .. people that are evil/do evil unto others/ect…
    create their own hell here on earth.

  5. All life is an expression of the Creator and we have free will to make of it whatever we want to make of it. Some will create hell on earth for themselves, and others will create heaven on earth for themselves, leaving us all with the situations we have to cope with in day to day life – some good and some bad. If however we all decide that we want Heaven on Earth, we will be able to MANIFEST Heaven on Earth for ALL – that’s what this shift in consciousness is all about. :)
    No, I don’t believe in hell – although I have felt like I was in it at times :) but I know there is a heaven! :)

  6. Mmmm, I’ve been pondering on this for a couple of days now.
    I used to (and my husband would repeat it like a never ending record) that this is hell.
    But it poses a rather big and poignant question; If we really believe this to be hell do our thoughts, our actions, and our subconscious actions reflect that belief?
    Have you ever said “Stop the ride I wanna get off” or “I wanna go “home” (another word I use for upstairs, heaven, spirit world).
    Do you think maybe it can hold you back by believing we are in hell and wish to be in the sanctity of the other side?
    Grasping everything in life with both hands and making the very best of it, getting every last beautiful drop – now that is bring heaven down to earth.
    I feel a blog coming on lol :) xxx

    • You have a valid point here, Andrea. I have never believed that there is a hell. I remember in my Sunday school days the preacher preaching about hell and damnation. I remember thinking that isn’t true. I just didn’t believe it. I know that he believed what he said, but I didn’t believe it. I think you better write that post!

  7. I have said over and over that I believe this he’ll…. Not sure I believe this to be true….however, I do not believe we go to deep dark flaming hell.
    I believe we can make this our Hell. And that is our choice.

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