When They Look in the Mirror

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Why is it they want to be someone or something that they are not?

I hesitate in writing this.  I am guilty of this myself growing up.  I wanted to be a shorter girl, the thinner girl, a prettier girl.  I didn’t want to be myself?  What was wrong with who I was and why wasn’t I comfortable being myself?

I see young girls these days trying to somebody, anybody, just not themselves.  Why don’t they see now wonderfully awesome they are?  They strive to be another.  When they look in the mirror they don’t see how beautiful they are.  When they look in the mirror they don’t see how special they are.  When they look in the mirror they want to be someone else.

How can I fault them when they can’t see their beauty that any mirror reflects?  What is the secret to loving themselves when they look in the mirror?

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18 thoughts on “When They Look in the Mirror

  1. There is a lot to say, but if I have to sum it up briefly…I would say that they will need to actually find many other avenues to express themselves. I believe in the arts because it actually makes a person happier and making the realization of their abilities. Holding a crayon, paintbrush, computer art, or making music….really gives the person the thoughts of, “I CAN MAKE SOMETHING.” The practice of choosing your lines, your notes, your colors….is practicing of becoming an independent person of making decisions. When a person is practicing to make decisions….they do not have to answer to being a clone, a drone, and a follower. When a person learns to be a leader….there is no need to be a follower. Practicing to make wise decisions growing up is the key in becoming an independent person, a leader and a person who doesn’t second guess themselves. I believe this is the key to “loving yourself.”

  2. This really resonated with me. I can see clearly in old photos of myself that I was not in reality a swamp monster. It took most of my life to figure out that I was not and never had to be the person others claimed I was. I sometimes feel real grief when I see a young girl and know without a doubt that she is losing herself to one defination or another. Grace’s reply is perfect, and just yesterday I heard a grandfather saying to his grandkids as they left the sanctuary for Sunday School, “be a leader, not a follower” and how thankful I was for him for those kids and how I wished I’d had a grandfather.

  3. I think there is a part of ” experimenting” with who exactly you are as young girl~ having strong female influences is most def a MUST for appreciating the life and body you were born with:)

  4. How we girls are taught in such subtle ways to doubt ourselves, doubt our inner guidance systems, quiet our presence, silence our voices, and disbelieve our truths. What we see in the mirror is not just a perception of lack of physical beauty, but a misperception of who we truly are, which is powerful, creative, visionary, and capable.

  5. This print hangs in my bedroom. I often related to it as a girl. I would sit in fron t of the mirror for hours trying to figure out why I pulled my hair out & how I could find beauty hidden underneath all the fear of being myself. Two day ago I looked at it and thought, how can I write a healing narrative about this print; maybe I wasn’t supposed to… you were. Great post. This is an issue that needs much care in our society.

  6. When you find the answer let me know. At 45 I still seem to want to be someone I am not. The gift of accepting yourself for who you are and what you are is truly a precious gift…
    Once we as people….male and female learn to love and value ourselves will we then find our true potential.

    Thank you again for posting what resides in my heart… Have a good night.

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