Conscious Connection

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I gave a reading today and as my guides suggested, I consciously connected via the heart center.  What happened next was completely unexpected.  I became instantly consumed with my client’s emotion.  I felt her pain and disillusion.  I had never experienced anything like it before.  There was something energetically stuck in her vibration.  It was dense and very heavy.  I started to cry.  I wanted it to go. I was told to breathe through it and soon it was gone.  Yikes! what had just happened?  I’m not sure, but as I continued on the heaviness dissipated.  Within the hour, I felt that the heaviness had lifted.  At least it felt that way.  The energy was much lighter.

This was the first time I consciously connected in this way with a person.  I have been told that I do this subconsciously but didn’t really get it.

What I felt was an energetic connection with that person.  I linked up with her emotionally and felt what was blocking her vibration.  I helped her release the grip that was holding her in emotional and physical pain. Now, she can heal.

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11 thoughts on “Conscious Connection

  1. Very cool. I am sure you did, but I need to ask. Did you remember to disconnect yourself and fill in? You need to remember to protect yourself from collecting/carrying other people’s energy with you. For your own protection, disconnect and refill yourself in with positive energy, with spirit.

    Had to be an amazing reading. You are awesome!

    • No I didn’t consciously do that. I felt the disconnect. Thank you. I will think on that. Love your comments.

      Sent from Amy Keast on the go….

  2. I’ve had this happen… but I rarely consciously seek it out… I can feel the soul of another, especially when they think about me… I know it’s sounds a little… crazy, but I’ve found it to be true… I call this feeling the “signature of the soul” :)

    I actually kinda like it LOL I don’t consciously seek it because then I don’t know if the feeling is genuine or just simply induced by myself, if that makes sense. But I’ve been able to reach out to friends when I’ve felt they’ve needed help… I’m reconnecting again with my spiritual side and so far I’m loving it :) I’ve denied myself for too long.

      • It can be quite distracting… just recently, I had a situation where a friend just would not leave my mind LOL Whenever I had down time, mentally, there she was. It wasn’t that I was thinking about her, but rather she was thinking about me LOL She quite literally would just pop into my head LOL

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