Ask for A Sign

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I like to go for walks in the evening with my pooch  He’s a good walker.  We live across the street from high school and there is a track.  I usually head over there after dinner.  It keeps me out of the ice cream, at least for a little while.  I started a game.  It’s called, “Ask for a sign.” It works like this.  I would ask a question and if the question were true, I would ask for a sign of money. You can imagine how fun this could be.  You would be surprised at how many coins I’ve found over the years walking around.  Money isn’t the only sign.  I’ve asked for other signs as well.  One evening I asked for one head light on a vehicle as a sign.

The point here that I am trying to make is to looks for signs.  Ask for signs.  I also see the number 1 in all sorts of patterns. So much so that I started posting my  posts at 1:11.  I schedule them of course but I may as well use that sign to my advantage.

For me it means, all is well, you are moving in the right direction.

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15 thoughts on “Ask for A Sign

  1. I have always asked for a sign, and have become acutely aware of just how many signs are available for me to pursue. All for the asking.

  2. This is awesome. I too ask for signs. I also just gave a reading where I told the person to start asking…and looking for signs. :-) the trick is listening to the answers we receive as well. The other funny thing is… Just last night. For no apparent reason I woke up at 1:11am. And then I am looking though my emails and see your post…
    I think your post was my sign today.

    Thank you.

  3. Numbers are signs for me, too! I love looking for number patterns. I have a fun 911 story, and I don’t mean September 11th, but those numbers together. . .

      • Ok. :-) Every year I touch base with my godfather, and we each plan and share our resolutions for the next year. This particular year we had lunch together at Portillo’s. When I went up to make my order, the total ended up being $9.11. Being a significant date, and me being particularly interested in numbers, I took note of this. I took off my coat, and hung it one one of those side coat hangers they provided in the restaurant. We had our lunch, and then we decided we wanted to continue our outing and have some pie, so we decided to head to Baker’s Square next. We went to Baker’s Square, ordered and ate our pie, and had a lovely time. Then we got our combined bill (put together, since it was just pie), and it was . . . $9.11. Now, I thought this was REALLY weird. I told my godfather that I had JUST paid $9.11 at the other place. I could have sworn it! To prove it, I looked for my change. It wasn’t in my pants pocket. Where was it?? Ah, my jacket. Which I didn’t have. I’d left it at Portillo’s! We drove back to Portillo’s, got the jacket, and counted the change, and I had $.89 in my pocket. Was the universe trying to tell me I’d forgotten my coat?? Or something else?? But I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Thank you for letting me share. :-)

  4. Oh, I LOVE doing this! I get number signs all the time. 33 is my truth number and 44 is my angel number. It’s fun! and I love seeing the patterns. I can sometimes manipulate what song sometimes on the radio and different little things like that but only when I don’t really focus on it or put too much energy in it.

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