What Can I Expect from a Reading?

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My oldest daughter asked me what I do for people in a reading.  I explained to her that I am able to sense what it is that they have come here to do and to be in this life time.

Then she asked why people would want to have a reading.  I told her that some people like to hear about themself from a different perspective.

I sense people’s true self.  I am able to connect with their  spirit guides and they share information about that person.  I told her that I have no idea what is going to go on until I connect with them during that reading.

Recently, I started asking my guides for something unique in the reading that helps me and the person I am working with know what I am saying is real and true for them.  It’s good for us both.

As we finished our conversation, my daughter asked if she could give readings.  I told her if she wanted to she could.  She smiled as if she was pleased with herself and said, “maybe when I’m older.”

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8 thoughts on “What Can I Expect from a Reading?

  1. Hi Amy! I commend you for giving your daughter lots of room to become the human that she was meant to be. So lucky that she has a mother like you.

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