That Sick Feeling

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Ever get that feeling, that sick feeling.  It’s deep in the pit of your stomach and you just can’t seem to shake it?

I work in close proximity with others on a daily basis.  I always know when something is up with them.  I can feel it.

One of the girls I work with is pregnant.  So is her sister.  Competitive girls but at the end of the day, they are still sisters.  Earlier this month, the sister was due to deliver her baby.  That’s when the sick feeling started.  I felt like there were going to be problems and sure enough there was.  In the end, there was a c-section due to a few complications.  The baby arrived, a beautiful baby girl, but I still had that sick feeling.

The baby had some problems.  Two weeks after her delivery, she had open heart surgery.  She sailed through it, brave little girl.  So why is it I still have that sick feeling?

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10 thoughts on “That Sick Feeling

  1. Here’s something I believe in.. and I could be wrong. This feeling… sometimes it could be that the feeling is now for something/ someone else, but because it is in continuation to feeling the same way for another, it may be linked.
    I hope the baby and mother stay well. God bless them both!

  2. I have often had this happen to me, only in my case it is like a stressy feeling in my stomach. In my case it is always a warning of something that is about to happen to one of my loved ones. I have saved my eldest daughter from harm several times by asking her to please stay home – finding out afterwards that the friend she was going to go out with was stabbed that night, and another time her flat was broken into and smashed up.
    I couldn’t say why you still have that feeling – it might be for the mother and baby, or possibly for the other pregnant girl, or maybe you’re picking up on someone else’s problem.

    • Thanks, Gabrielle, this brave little girl had to go back to surgery. She is better today. I think I just am feeling bad for the whole family. More surgeries, huge medical bills, etc…Thank you for your thoughts.

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  4. i often get that sick feeling. and i hardly listened to it until it smacked me in the face.. and now, as i am able to distinguish my pain, whenever i get a triple pain or feeling… i know… it belongs to someone else.. do you believe in those soul mate thing that twin flame thing? :) i hope you are feeling well now.

    and that sick feeling in the stomach… its a welcome strike sometimes… better than acid reflux though.. :-)

    im sorry…i hope the baby is better now. and may she be blessed with a strong heart.

    • for me the sick feeling is something is very wrong. It’s a ache deep in the middle of my gut. The sweet baby girl is doing better. The doctors closed her chest yesterday and she has opened her eyes since surgery. She is much improved!

      • i was mistaken.. its the silence that sometimes brings moments of peace.. but the sick feeling … it just wouldnt go away until its there or have done something to prevent it…

        glad the little girl is well.

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