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I recently posted about my daughter wanting to know if she is a medium? It’s something that you don’t wake up one day and say, “I think I would like to go to Yale and become a medium.”  How do you get started in such a business?  I could understand it better if we came from a long line of mediums but I’m pretty sure we didn’t.  Which brings me to the next question:  Is there a training or special school that is required?  Is there a test or certification to take?  These are the things that run through my mind.

Then, I wonder if Ellen is a medium am I?  I don’t think talking to my mom in my dreams qualifies.  If I am or she is isn’t that something I should know about her or myself?

I feel like I am entering into a new phase of psychic development.  I feel that there is a lot to learn or be reminded.  It’s all so strangely familiar.

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16 thoughts on “More Mediumship

  1. It’s a crazy feeling…wondering, even wanting to be psychic, or a medium….but what is crazier is the fact that we are all capable. Psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive….these to me all really mean the same thing. It’s the different ways we get messages and communications from either our higher selves, or our spirit guide, angels, higher power…spirits… A medium…at least to me, a medium is like a conduit. Bridging the gap from this plan to the next. I have had some minimal medium like experiences…even though they were small…they were powerful and for me validating. One was with a Perfect stranger…and it was her dog that came through (while I was getting a massage) blew me away. The other was with a coworkers deceased mother…awkward.
    So…if you or your daughter are having some form of communication with the crossed over, you she may be a medium.

    There are schools. I have not gone through a school program per say however have been taking classes…and the classes have helped me open up energetically, see symbolism where I never saw it before…and become acquainted with some of my guides.

    My daughter is 18 and she too has some amazing energy… She has been coming to some classes with me lately…
    Sorry I rambled…just caught your post on my lunch and wanted to share with you.
    Nameste <3

    • Thank you for sharing that. I appreciate your insight. I’m going to a workshop in a few weeks. I am hoping that amps up my awareness some more. I usually don’t speak to people who have crossed over when I do readings but rather guides. If I can do that….I’m game!

  2. I am wondering too. I guess I believe I am without control because it does come and go when I least expect it for me. Sometimes I can talk to spirit/ghost strangers and sometimes not. Im really inconsistent. YES its a journey for me for finding more of an understanding and control. Nice to see your post about this subject. It resonates for me…I can relate.

    • Thanks, Grace, I think this is more your field than mine. The topic keeps coming up for me. That means I need to pay attention to it.

  3. I’ve had quite a few experiences of communicating with those in the other dimension, but haven’t pursued it as a medium. It was part of the journey for me, as well as healing, clairvoyance and many other abilities I found inside and explored. I initially had help from my foster sister – no blood relative – and it didn’t run in my family, but I’ve since learned that I have had many past lives in which I have used these abilities. Apart from healing, I’ve found all my abilities through meditation, which I believe is the only place to start. My book may help to give you an idea of how you can access your own abilities.

  4. I totaly believe in the pysic / medium communication gap. My mother passed away2010, She came threw in my dream, I know she did because she told me I was very sick,to go to the dr. the dream was soo real, I called one of my sisters ,told her he whole dream, the next night, i was in the hospital for 3 long wks. I said,thank god I told my siser or nobody would believe me lol. I wish you the very best threw your journey. Thats a beautiful picture of you and your daughter. ohh.. thanks for liking my post :) I appreciate it.

    • Thanks Joannei, I think we live in a society that doesn’t value these types of connections Dont listen to those who don’t find it credible because you know other wise!

      • Thanks,Oh I dont reli, Iam my own person, but coming from a person with experience such as yourself, well, who would know better then you right !:)

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