Am I A Medium?

My daughter asked me if she is a medium.  I hadn’t really thought of her intuitive gifts

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with that label.  I asked her why she was asking  She remembered an incident a few years back (4 maybe 5).  We had just arrived at the lake house.  It was a few hours from our home.  We hadn’t been there long, but long enough to turn on the water and the air conditioner.  Ellen mentioned to me that we had company and said that her angels were all here.  They were having a class and Ellen was to be the teacher.  She said it all so matter-of-fact.  She said they wanted to know about her lifestyle and what it is that she is doing at the lake house.  What seemed like something Ellen was enjoying turned sour.  Ellen covered her ears and said that they were all talking to her at once. Ellen was over whelmed by their presence and asked them to leave.  She found it confusing.

I remembered that incident as well and had documented it in my journal back then.  I had thought about that from time-to-time.  I was a bit hesitant to discuss it with her.  Over the last few years, Ellen hadn’t openly discussed her gifts with me as she used to.  She’s afraid of what people might say. I hate it that she feels as though she needs others approval to be herself.  It’s tough to be 12.

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7 thoughts on “Am I A Medium?

  1. she’s lucky she has you as her Mother for sure! I remember when I was 7, as clearly as if it was today, when I was warned, with the threat of punishment by my Mother, to stop talking to my imaginary friends. And I did. It wasn’t until I was 54 and through deep meditative practices that I reconnected, but never on the same level as I was at the age of 7. And I imagine the lingering fear of punishment is still with me from childhood, as I am still not comfortable with the messages I am given, the entities who talk to me, etc., and I know for a fact that my own abilities are limited by this. So again, Ellen is very lucky to have YOU as her Mother.
    much love light and JOY

    • I wish my mom would have been more open for me. She was very old school and I didn’t dare talk of such things.

  2. I have always been able to see angels, when I was very small I could also call forth things or events, I think it scared my father because he began lecturing me about not asking God or the Angels for anything, he said God wasn’t a cosmic Santa Claus and if He wanted me to have something I would get it, otherwise I should just be happy with what I have. I took me years to get over those lectures. You are obviously a great mom.

    • Thank you, Katrina. I know what you mean about getting the lecture. I get the same thing from my Dad. I think a lot of parents want great things for their children as long as they “approve” of what they are doing.

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