Dream- Another One to Figure Out

I had a dream that there was a baggie of “white substance” on the counter.  I saw it there but, I didn’t do anything about it.  I didn’t ask any questions as to why it was there.

My brother noticed it and picked it up and asked what it was.  He opened the bag and tasted it.  I knew what it was.  It was cocaine.  My mom looked at me with sadness and tears in her eyes.

After gaining new insight into the reoccurring dream I’ve  for the last decade, I was reminded of this dream that I had almost a year ago.   

I realize that dreams are symbols and drugs in this case are our family business, “The Pharmacy” which my parents sold 7 years or so ago.  Is it possible then that my mother is showing her sadness over the loss and my brother feels as though something has been taken from him? Also, there is nothing I can do about it because it is their feelings, not mine.  If that is so, why then am I having this dream?

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15 thoughts on “Dream- Another One to Figure Out

  1. It’s somehow strange but your one paragraph reads as though you were in the middle of something between your parents and your brother.

    Did you find yourself in that position as the mediator between them growing up?

    • I wasn’t the mediator. I was the one that left the business. My parents sold it because I wanted to leave.

      • Are you comfortable with your decision. A “right” decision can be made but still harbor emotions such as being unsure, guilt, etc. Was your brother interested in the family business? The white is significant because it can be reflective of the business because it is in powder form, or it can be reflective of something else where you are in the middle, between your brother and parents. Flowing either way from your brother to your parents or your parents to your brother….in either case, in your dream from what you wrote I understand you remained silent about the substance, the product, the contents, the issue before everyone….yes I know it’s “not your bag” to be in the business, but did your brother want to be.

      • Tia, I made the right decision for me and have never looked back. I had the pharmacy license and my brother did not. With out me, there is no business. My parents were sad because they assumed that I would take over the business from them but I didn’t want that.
        I do remain silent in life. That is turn. Maybe that is the lesson her. Thanks for the insight, Tia!

      • : ) Too pretty to remain silent, words too important to keep hidden away. It’s always the silent that are screaming the loudest and your dream is your answer.

  2. It sounds as if the regret is being impressed on you and that you brother still feels a resentment for what has happened. I think it is just letting you know how they feel – an insight into their thoughts and emotions.
    Try focusing on the positive aspect of all your relationships before you sleep. Perhaps change your gratitude list for one evening, to centre around all the family members, all the good times you have had etc. and see what happens.
    A xxx

  3. It seems as if it is affecting your brother the most, followed by your mother.. and you feel bad for being a mute spectator to their sorrow. This could be why you didn’t seem to do anything about it. Also, it may be coming to you because subconsciously you feel there should have been something you could have done about it but did not. Maybe nothing major, but something as small as being more understanding of their worries. (Please don’t misunderstand me to mean that you would have been less understanding or would have not done anything).. to me it just seems that you feel that way.
    also dreams are often the mash up of more than one memory or event… so it could be that two unrelated things have come together to form this flow in the dream.

    You are the best interpreter of your dreams as you know each and everything about yourself. We can just guess or at most show the direction. The final call is your’s, how you see that dream.

  4. just as in the dream you “saw it there” but didn’t do anything about it…so in life. YOU have this dream to remind you that the problems other people’s problems and issues, no matter how close and precious these people are to you in your life, are not always things that you need to do something about. You can see the problem, or the issue, or the emotion, etc., and know it exists, but you are not always meant to do something about these issues. You must know where “they” end and “you” begin. You can be empathetic, but never feel guilty over not “doing something”. Of course, I may be way off here, but his is the message I received regarding this dream.
    with love light and JOY

  5. My first question when reading about your dream is, “What were you feeling in the dream?” Besides symbols, many times dreams are showing us feelings that we’ve perhaps wrestled with but have not found an answer to yet.

    For instance, I had a lot of dreams about not being able to find my car, trying to make an important phone call but the keys on the phone were missing or I couldn’t find my phonebook, needing to be somewhere but I couldn’t get there. What I noticed was that in all of these dreams I was extremely frustrated.

    I honestly believe my subconscious was helping me to see how easily I became frustrated in my waking state. Armed with this insight, I began to pay close attention to my reactions and behaviors, and I noticed how often I was frustrated. After watching this stuff, I saw the bottom line which was my lifelong belief that I was responsible for everything, and as a result I often felt overloaded and frustrated. This gave me a great opportunity for healing.

    • yes, good point, Brenda. what resonates with me is that I remain silent when I need to speak. I’ve done a lot of things in my life out of obligation. I need to speak my truth.
      I don’t remember the feelings in this dream since it was a while ago. Thanks for the commemts…very helpful.

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