A Dream To Die For

I’ve had a reoccurring dream. It’s been going on for 10-12 years.  It’s a dream about my brother.  He’s driving very fast. He’s exceeding the speed limit.  He’s being chased and is very reckless.

As some point, he loses control of his car jumps the ditch.  After some pretty ugly flips and turns, he slams into a telephone pole.  There are no survivors; only the ones at home wondering why or how he could do such a thing while claiming their ignorance.

There is an autopsy.  He’s been drinking and drugs have been found in his body.  No one is surprised, yet no one tried to stop him.

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10 thoughts on “A Dream To Die For

  1. Oh Amy, what an awful dream to have about your brother. I’m so sorry. I had a recurring dream all through my childhood, which came true at the age of 13/14. A lot of it was symbolic, but it was a strong warning of a situation I found myself in as a teenager. I couldn’t have done anything to prevent it, as i didn’t understand it at the time, and it wasn’t until I was older that I could look back and see exactly what it meant. I wrote about it in my book http://themysteryofself.wordpress.com/
    I believe your dream is a warning as well, and to stop it from coming true, I would tell those concerned – the ones at home, who claim their ignorance in your dream – about the dream, as it may make them realise that their behaviour is not helping your brother, and that something like this may happen if they don’t change. I feel the dream is given to you to help them all.
    Love and hugs, Gabrielle

  2. I’m glad your brother is alive and well, is it possible the dream is more symbolic, do you feel that maybe he isn’t living up to his potential? Or the alternative, maybe that he’s letting life pass him by when he should be appreciating it more, or that he needs to slow down to enjoy what he has? Or maybe that he needs to take better care of himself, maybe the drugs are symbolic of something else you see him doing in his life that you think isn’t good for him. Since you had the dream, this is probably somehow connected to your feelings for your brother,

    • Yes, Katrina this resonates with me. I didn’t take it literally but I’m not clear on its meaning. All of what you say is probably true.
      Maybe the reason for the reoccurance is that I haven’t caught the full meaning of it yet. Another side note is that we worked together in a family business for 10 years or so and it was a pharmacy.

      • Ah, then perhaps the ‘drugs’ are the business and there are some issues between you regarding that partnership, maybe you each have a style of ‘driving’ a business which is in conflict with the other, and perhaps the ‘death’ in the dream is a fear you harbor about your relationship.
        Just more food for thought.

  3. I agree with Katrina – it’s a concern for your brother. Pharamacology comes into it??………….
    If he has settled down then maybe you feel it is an act. But if he hasn’t settled down then maybe it is exaggerated in your dream.
    I would not wrong – ok……..I did not write that!!!
    What I meant to say was you should not worry too much as it is a reoccuring dream that has been going on for many many years. The fact that no one cares may mean that he has, or felt a lack of support?

    • as I read your comments it occurs to me that the lack of support would be correct. I left the family business (pharmacy)…as I recall he was pretty pissed off about that. That may be the aspect of no one cares or the lack of support.
      Thanks for helping me figure this out. It’s been bugging me for years.

      • Something scary, dark, worrying is not as bad as we first think – although I would definitely be shaken by such a dream.
        I suppose you have been receiving a raw insight into his thoughts and feelings and you never know, if you guys had a good chat about it maybe the dream will go away. :) xx

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