She Said

She called it angel church.  We gathered together to learn more about it. She said the people who believe in angels are called Angelists. Angels are messengers of God.

She started by talking about how angels communicate with her.  They chatter in her mind.  She remembers having conversations with them since she was in preschool.  She said they have always helped her.  She remembers watching a show about a psychic girl and her angel told her she was like that.

She said the angels had gathered for her class.  Her angel was on one side of me and my angel on the other and still others around them.  She told me that my guardian angel was a man.

I remembered that a few years back she noticed her father’s angel hovering very close to him.  He was magnificent.

She read passages from the bible about love. Love was the greatest virtue.  Angels only love and can only help if you ask for it.  She said that they want to help us always but we need to ask.

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2 thoughts on “She Said

  1. Hi Amy,
    This story reminds me of the time when my mom was in her last days…one of her friends from church came to visit. When she came out of mom’s room, she said there were many angels surrounding her. I remember wishing that I could see them…

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