I’ve Dreamed of a Cure

My Husband has diabetes.  He has since he was 15.  He uses an insulin pump that delivers insulin to his body 24/7.  He continuously checks his blood sugar  in order to ward off incidences of low blood sugar. I lose track of how often he has to poke his finger each day. It can vary depending on the type of day he is having.   

My husband is a big man,  6′ 4″.  When he falls, he goes down hard.  My daughter called 911 when she was 6.  She found him on the floor.  I think the last time we were in the Emergency room his blood sugar was 14.

It’s not just his life that is affected by this disease.  It’s much more than that. It’s the entire family.  

 I think everyone in our little community knows about his illness.  So many people have helped him when he needed it.

A while back, I had a dream about a cure being found for diabetes. I don’t remember the specifics of the cure only that it was stem cell therapy and it wasn’t FDA approved.  Since it wasn’t an approved therapy, insurance companies weren’t paying for it.  People were lining up for the procedure anyway. It was expensive.  There were long waiting lists and only a few hospitals were doing the sought after therapy.   The procedure was done in the hospital.  There were a series of injections, three I believe. When he left the hospital, the diabetes was gone. 

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