A Call From The Other Side

The week before my mother-in-law passed, we all gathered to be with her.  She had spent the last few years battling cancer. She hadn’t left her hospital bed in a few days.  On occasion, she responded to our conversation.  Mostly, she slept. 

I asked her to give us a sign that she made it to the other side safely when she passes.  I asked her to call us and just let the phone ring once and we would know it was her.  She knodded her head in compliance. 

In the first few weeks following her death, my girls would ask why Grandma hadn’t called.  I told them not to worry that she would when she was able. 

It was just a regular day. I think it was a Monday around 7pm.  My husband had just left the house to return to work when I heard the phone ring.  My youngest daughter hollared that she would get it.  I heard her say, “hello.”   I turned to listen to her.  I remember asking her who it was.  Ellen held the phone high and said, “It’s Grandma!”

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4 thoughts on “A Call From The Other Side

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